Weaving The Future

Weaving The Future

Vimla International has a charity foundation weaving the future, under this foundation we work of better future of our weavers. Weavers are the roots of this beautiful tree named Vimla international. Someone said “Healthy root has healthy tree” and weavers are our roots so it’s our duty to make them healthy by socially and economically so that we can save this weaving art some more decades. Vimla International does so many social functions for weavers

Medical Camp

Vimla International organize medical camps every year in their factory where they invite all kind of doctors like Dentist, Immunologist, Surgeon, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist etc . Hundreds of patients from weaver’s families come there and take serve in free of cost. Vimla International provides those medicines and healthy nutrition there.

Wedding Organize

Vimla International selects the 2 poor girls from all over the weavers per year and adopts them. They spend all the expenses of their wedding. We give them basic home need like Television, Freeze, Sofa, Bed etc

Diwali Festival

Diwali is huge festival in India on this day Vimla International distribute Sweets, Blankets, and some more surprises according to their needs. We distribute firecrackers and new dresses among the children.

Diye Distribution

At the occasion of Diwali we have distributed 20000 diya’s to needy peoples to make their diwali special, this is such a small initiative we take on every festival.

Educational Activities 

Vimla International is highly concern about the education of their weaver’s children education. We provide furniture, computers, Printers and other study equipments in government school where they study. To children we give books, bags and other stationary products to make their study easier.

Women’s training programme

We believe in a life-long training philosophy that focuses on accelerating the learning curve of children, youths and women across development sectors for their holistic development. A training programme is related to an immediate improvement in the learning curve of a trainee and allows individuals or a group of individuals to strengthen their skills for long-term development. We initiate different training programmes to them such as-

  1. Natural dyeing workshop
  2. Toy’s making
  3.  Finishing, weaving, and tassels making