Pocess of Rug Making

1. Thread spinning –

Spinning, in textiles, process of drawing out fibres from a mass and twisting them together to form a continuous thread or yarn.

2. Dying –

We purchase only row material from market, Then yarn goes in dying unit according the customer’s demand. All the dying is done by hand by our Dye Master Jogendra and his assistant Nanagram. They use Natural colors, Azo free colors and Direct colors for Dying. All these colors are certified by Gov. Not harmful for skin.

The dyes are measured by eye and then added to a vat of boiling water, with the addition of setting agents. The yarn is then plunged in and out of the bubbling hot dye until the correct color is achieved. 

For color reference we use our personal color charts and use universal color chart like Pantone, Neelam, etc. Dying is measured by eye so colors always come bit different from the original color.

3. Drying–

After Dying we send Yarn in open area for drying in Hot Jaipur Sun. It take around 5-6 Hours in proper drying. In Rainy season it get bit hard to dry the yarns and without drying can’t say color come proper as per reference. So have to wait for its drying before give it for spinning and plying.


4. Plying and Spinning–

 Dry yarn come here in plying unit where 5-6 ladies make them into single threads and 12 to  20 single yarns make into one thread in a ball. This yarn ball is ready to go at loom for weaving.

5. Looms Set Up –

Loom set-up is also important part of making a rug. Customers give different sizes order so we have to set up the Loom according that size. So the weaver makes sure to set a loom until the colors dye.

6. Weaving –

There are mainly 3 kind of weaving –   Flat weave, Handloom Weave and Paddle /shuttle weave. Weaving is most Important Part of rug process; Very talented artisans weave the rug very carefully knot by knot. A single rug takes around 3 weeks in weaving.  Most of the weavers are women so they can’t come factory for weaving everyday so we set most of the looms at their house so they can look after their family and weaving also in free time of day.


7. Washing –

After spending around a month in the dusty countryside you can imagine the rugs need a bit of a clean. So after weaving rug comes at washing unit here we do wash the rug by brushes and stone to make sure rug deliver clean and spotless.


8. Finishing –

All the finishing done by the local women near the factory where they do it clean finish the edges, Cut the extra threads, Do the tassels work if required.

9. Packing –

We do some extra efforts in packing because all the quality will ruin if packing is average. We do 3-4 layers of packing to make sure its secure from the moisture and unfavorable weather in ships.