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Free Pick up and drop

For factory visit Vimla International Provide free pickup from hotel anywhere in Jaipur and drop after all factory tour in our private cars.

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Free Accommodation

Vimla International have 2 rooms in factory guest house there our any customer can stay in free of cost and we will serve them home made tasty Rajasthani food.

Factory Tour

Our factory is 32 km far from Jaipur city on Jaipur to Agra highway that take around 50 minutes only. All the process of rug from dying to packaging you can see there. We have our separate dying unit, Spinning and warping unit, washing and drying unit, packing unit, Stitching unit and weaving unit for handloom, Paddle loom and Flat weave loom separately.
Weaving unit and finishing unit mainly outside from factory because weavers are limited and every weaver can’t come to factory for weaving specially women weaver. So we have to set up the loom in their house So that production can be fast and it helps to find new weavers.
Our looms are spread 80km around the Dausa district in different villages for seeing that work we arrange open car or motor bike as per their comfort. You can keep your camera on to kept the all beautiful scenes all around the trip.


A Journey with Vimla International Family

Our Customers check in my Jaipur showroom and look our collection. Then if they are interested to visit manufacturing unit then we pick them from their hotel in our car and the happy journey begins.

Journey begins from car but in rural area they have to go on loom by Bike, Camel cart, Open jeep, they way start from highway and suddenly it turned into single lane road between the mustard, Millet field. Some time group of cows, buffalo and sheep stop your way and the destinations goes long.

After getting the destination customers come out from vehicles and see children all around them. Then they took selfie with them or they give some time chocolates and gifts to them that make them so happy and the seen look so beautiful..

Then customer goes to the loom where they see their order rugs and process of rug and take so many pictures of rug being made. After the all work when sun is brighter they took rest and take Rajasthani food that is lovingly served by local people.

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Educational Tour

Vimla International is located at serene place Banskho, which is at Agra road, 30km away from Jaipur, this place is surrounded by mountain’s and in monsoon you can enjoy the waterfall . This place is always a worth to visit once, we are always open for field visits for educational purpose or learning regarding different textile processes of rug making like Dyeing, spinning , Plying, weaving, Washing, Tufting, Embroidery, etc .Different colleges and institute already visited here, we also host other field groups to aware them about the craft of weaving. We have all the production in house so that you can learn all of the manufacturing processes at one place and see the quality of products also. We also set up looms in different villages at the artisans house. You can visit them and know more about their lifestyle. You can also experience the natural dyeing process .

For textile and fashion students this trip helps you more about the practical knowledge of textile, also to know the different quality of the yarn we use like wool, jute, cotton chenille, etc and you can achieve the great knowledge of weaving, also experience the different kinds looms by doing the process by hand, We believe in women empowerment by connecting them to larger, more inclusive value chains many of the student from field visit interviewed them also and engaged with them, which comes out an interactive session to learn about the weaving.

This place is rich in Rajasthani culture. We also provide a stay here and you can enjoy the view of the mountain from Rooftop and also the taste of Rajasthani food.

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