Vimla International continues to impress with its comprehensive services for supplying rugs and carpets to stores worldwide. In addition to offering wholesale prices and copyright patterns for specific brands, we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Providing shipping options by both air and water demonstrates our commitment to accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of our overseas clients. By offering brand labeling and specific packaging, we personalize the products according to each client’s requirements, enhancing their brand identity and customer experience.

The appointment of dedicated merchandisers for each client showcases your focus on effective communication and streamlining the order process. This personalized approach enables efficient and timely responses to client queries or concerns.

By providing sampling options prior to large-scale production, you prioritize client satisfaction and allow them to assess the product quality and design before committing to a bulk order. It’s worth noting that your policy of charging for samplings ensures the seriousness and commitment of both parties involved in the business transaction.

Our emphasis on quality, customer service, and customized solutions positions you as a trusted supplier in the rugs and carpets industry, catering to the unique needs of each client and delivering on your promises.


 Vimla International caters not only to big stores but also to small boutiques. By offering a low minimum order quantity, you enable small businesses to access and sell your products, which can be a significant advantage for them.

It’s understandable that the prices for small quantities may differ from the store prices, as the economies of scale may vary. This approach allows you to accommodate the specific needs of smaller clients while still maintaining a viable business model.

Additionally, providing custom order facilities for regular clients demonstrates your commitment to building long-term relationships and meeting their unique requirements. This level of flexibility and personalized service can greatly contribute to their satisfaction and loyalty.

By offering different pricing structures and custom order options, Vimla International showcases its adaptability and commitment to serving a diverse range of clients in the industry. This approach allows you to cater to the needs of both large retailers and smaller boutiques, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and contributing to the success of various businesses.