Decoration of any event is one of the main contributing factors towards the success of a party. Gone are the days when decoration was just an accessory of the event. These days, an perfect decoration that suits the occasion, something that goes with the theme is a must have necessity in all sorts of parties.

Customization is our forte, and we believe in bringing to life the personal choices of our esteemed clients! our target for event decoration is mostly event planners.

We offer wide variety of product range for decor, most importantly we’re focusing on textile products, like rugs, curtain ,cushions, throws , quilts ,baskets, planters, our collection of table and chair cover fabrics include a variety of, cotton, fabrics. Widely used by event decorators and home decoration. Wall hanging of rugs and macramé is also we offer which is mostly handwoven and aesthetically apealling. we work for different event like wedding , birthday parties, kids party, office party, ceremonies, etc, for high end market.

 The minimalist style continues at the top of the list of trends in event decoration. It is a very sophisticated and elegant style that opts for sober tones such as gray, navy blue, black, and white . Regarding the plants used, it should be noted that it bets on those that bring vertical lines to the spaces.

 it is the style of decoration based on a theme. It can be used in all kinds of events and usually depends on the tastes of the protagonists of the event. Here we give you some examples: events inspired by an era, events inspired by a station, a character, a movie, etc.