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Vimla international is making largest collection of handmade rugs and carpets in myriad of colors and patterns. Establishment in the year 1989 ‘Vimla international’ is one of the manufacturer and supplier of high quality rugs and carpets.

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Vimla international company’s name taken from our grandmother name Mrs. Vimla devi Jain.  She was very kind hearted and very polite lady has two honest and dynamic sons Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Jain and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Jain who are founder of this company. Economical condition was very poor of their family Mr. Prakash Chand Jain was only person in all family who earn the money. He was 2nd grade teacher in government school. He had no enough money to educate his children so Mr. Kamlesh Kumar and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Complete their primary study in a Gov. School with lots of struggles. After their primary education they started selling Bhujiya and Pakodi to get some money for their higher education.

Mr. Kamlesh Kumar was very sharp minded person who kept himself always busy in watching spinning, weaving and threading at Khadi Ashram near their house. He saw somewhere carpet making process outside the village and he like this work too much so he decided to start his own loom. But the way was not clear and simple. He decided to do but not know how he will do this but the support of younger brother made him determined to not give up this idea.

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Now story starts here, now they have Hope, idea, Enthusiasm but not have enough money to starts. The lake of money made them hopeless. They share this idea to Mr. Prakash Chand Jain for have a economical support but he really don’t have any saving to help them as all of his salary spent to feed his family. But he has a good image in village so he decided to borrow some money to help his children’s dream. By this 1000rs a light of hope came again and now they were able to stand a loom and hire a weaver. After all setup Mr. Kamlesh Kumar went to an exporter and ask him to give an order. Two or three exporter refused him to give any order but he didn’t give up. After 7-8 Days he got a single piece order.

Now they had an order, the loom was set, Weaver was ready so both Mr. Kamlesh Kumar and Dinesh Kumar became busy in Dying colors, plying threads etc. Within a month they complete this carpet that was looking fabulous. Now they were nervous to see this carpet to that exporter took that carpet to the exporter. He like this carpet and gave him money and after some time gave another order. Slowly slowly they are growing up one loom became into two. Weavers became two to four. And within 6 years they have their own 30 looms around 40 weavers. In this time duration they faced too many fluctuations some time they have good order some time they don’t have any order. The journey of this ten year with full of vicissitude but Mr. Kamlesh Kumar and Dinesh Kumar never be hopeless they was every time full of enthusiasm.

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They were regularly supplying to exporters but never think to do export directly because neither they have money nor knowledge how to export. In this time period Mr. Nitesh Kumar Jain son of Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Jain was growing up. He has all qualities that are enough to handle a company. He has a conscious mind, High concentration power, full confidence, self motivator and very kind full heart. All these qualities he got from Grandmother Mrs. Vimla Devi. He joined the business in year 2005 after complete his 12th class. Within joining of 2 months he told to his father to start own export. Father Kamlesh Kumar refused him to do this as it have too many of risk in export. But Nitesh was ‘intent of an ambition’ he apply for an IEC and got certificate of export within 2 months. Now he was working hard for get an order he mailed around 50 companies and waiting now for good news. Finally he got success and got a good order and he complete this order with help of father Kamlesh Jain and Uncle Dinesh Jain.

Mr. Nitesh was fully exited to do more export after his first shipment. He got made to taste the success after his first shipment he and Vimla international never see behind. Every day we Vimla international were leading ahead. Our main focus was on our customer and they were very happy to us as we do our work honestly and never compromise with quality. We visit our buyer to factory where they get very happy to see all process of rug making.

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Vimla international start this company with only single product but now we are making hundreds of products like Rugs, carpets, cushions covers, Poufs, Bags, Clutches, runners, door mats, bath mats, woven rugs, printed rugs, belts, gift items etc.

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