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Mrs Saroj Perwa

Empowerment is not what you preach but it is what you do.

Untitled-design-2021-09-09T111442.431-300x300 Mrs Saroj Perwa

Today Vimla International wants to share the story of a brave heart Mrs Saroj Perwa, who choose to demolish all the barriers coming in the way of her family’s happiness.

Wanting to be a teacher in her teens, she is now weaving dreams of her children and educating them and running the entire family all by herself.

Her husband became mentally unstable and the entire responsibility came on her shoulder. With the dreams of her children and responsibilities of the family she joined Vimla International and today she is the role model for all the women out there.

With the work at Vimla International, she runs her family and is spinning the loom of her family’s happiness.

Such stories and the hardworking staff keeps Vimla International running and succeeding every day.

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